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Onsite Talent

Onsite Talent

Onsite talent refers to employees physically located at a client company's worksite or premises, working directly for the client company but managed or supported by the PEO or EOR. These workers may be temporary or part of a larger contingent workforce.


At Startup Talent, we handle all necessary HR-related functions, such as payroll, benefits, compliance, and recruitment for these onsite employees, allowing the client company to focus on its core operations. We employ a dedicated coordinator at a worksite to supervise and manage all daily administrative duties and other HR-related work associated with the workforce.

What We Offer

Effortless Operations

Most human resource departments struggle to manage a workforce that experiences fluctuations involving hundreds of employees. The added responsibilities can lead to burnout, oversights, and errors. At Startup Talent, we concentrate exclusively on temporary staff. Our designated onsite coordinator can assemble an appropriate team to efficiently oversee all aspects of operations without impacting the company’s productivity.

Enhanced Management

Working with temporary employees differs from managing full-time and part-time permanent staff. Our onsite managers comprehend the unique needs and challenges of temporary employees. They understand how to fill positions swiftly and get temps up to speed promptly. Their expertise and knowledge contribute to ensuring a company’s success.

Proficient Guidance

Onsite coordinators possess a deep understanding of the intricacies of a temporary environment. They can monitor and assess production techniques to enhance results, propose more cost-effective orientation methods, or identify potential compliance issues before they escalate.

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